Perfect/PUR Binding


What does Perfect Binding mean?!
It’s print lingo for the method we use to bind/hold your books and brochures together. With this binding type, the pages and cover are glued together at the spine with a strong yet flexible glue. The other three sides of the book are then trimmed as needed to give them clean “perfect” edges.

What’s the difference between Perfect and PUR Binding?
The glue. PUR binding uses a much stronger glue thereby allowing the book to be pushed open flat. PUR is the premium, and we recommend going for this option if you’re after durability and really want to push those pages open. Add an extra day to your turnaround time for PUR as we’ll need an extra 24hours drying time.

Applications/ Page Count Requirements
Perfect Binding and PUR book printing are perfect for those books that exceed a page count of around 30 - 40 pages. Anything less, consider a stapled booklet. Why? Because otherwise we will have no spine to glue the cover to! Common applications include company brochures, annual reports, thick magazines, product catalogues, and lookbooks.

Perfect Bound Book
Perfect Binding
Brochures PUR Binding
Perfect Binding
Brochure Design - Perfect Binding
Perfect Bound Brochure